Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jumping Back Into SWTOR

So with the severe shortage of new content out there in World of Warcraft land, I decided to jump back into SWTOR, particularly after hearing from a pretty large number of online friends that they had made a lot of improvements to the game and to the content and that it was really worth taking another look at.

I really can't believe it's been four years since the last time I posted here or did anything meaningful in SWTOR.

So I've jumped back in.  Rather than pick up my level 50 Trooper Commando and try to level him to the new 65 level cap, I decided to go back and start from scratch and level a new toon all the way, just to see how they've streamlined the 1-50 leveling process, and also to get the hang of the game again.

It really does move much faster now.  At least so far, completing the class quests and a few of the key Story Arc quests is more than enough to keep leveling along.  (And I hadn't yet noticed or picked up on the XP boosts available in the Legacy tab), so that should make things move even faster.

I've managed to get my Jedi Guardian to level 28 in just a couple of days of sporadic play.  I'm enjoying the story line so far, particularly given that the new streamlined leveling process really lets you focus on it.  It's also nice having the option to have your companions play any role and not having to worry about gearing them.  So I take a different one out from time to time just to work on the influence level on each.

I haven't noticed much in the way of changes to crew skills, at least at low levels, but I always thought that worked relatively well in SWTOR anyway.  This particular Jedi toon is set up with Artifice, Archaeology and Treasure Hunting.

I'm apparently not the only one that's jumping back in, because there is a ton of activity out there in the world, at least on the servers that I play on.  So look for more updates here.