Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Finally Current on the KOTFE Chapters

So I finally managed to get my Jedi Knight completely current on the set of  KOTFE chapters, finishing up Chapter 11 with Aric Jorgen earlier in the week.  I'm now focused on finishing up the initial storyline quests on some of my other toons.  My Imperial Agent just finished chapter 2 and is starting on her final chapter.

I'm still sort of torn on what I think about SWTOR at this point.  I'm less than enthused with the chapter storylines at max level, although I guess at least it's some form of new content, even if it only works out to about an hour a month.

I've also started doing some of the alliance alerts, and those have been interesting as well.  As a WoW player, I can't help finding a tiny Jawa named Blizz really amusing.  I'm told by my guildies that I should start checking out Star Fortresses as well, so I may give that a try.  I haven't really done anything to gear up my Jedi Knight although I certainly have enough credits and other currency to do that easily enough.  Also, it sounds like there's at least a chance to get some useful gear out of the crates that you get for doing the alliance alert missions.

The class storylines up through level 50 continue to be my favorite thing in this game though, so I'm enjoying going back and working on some more of those.  My plan is to finish up my Imperial Agent and then work on my Sith Sorcerer.