Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Questing Through Alderaan

I've just started my Trooper Commando on making his way through the quests on Alderaan and two quick observations.

First, why do so many damn mobs on Alderaan have to be elite. It's a good thing you get an on-the spot rez versus a corpse run, because I tend to die way too much while leveling on this game. It wouldn't be quite as bad, but my supposed tanking companion is apparently made of tissue paper. WTB Hunter Bear. PST with offer. My dps companion is much more effective at taking things down, but then I'm the one that has to do the tanking.

Second observation on Alderaan is that after meeting the actual people of Alderaan now, I'm no longer sorry that Darth Vader blew the place up. What a bunch of a-holes. I now totally understand. I'm sure Vader just vacationed there at some point and was treated like crap by some petty so called royal Duke or something. Power up the Death Star boys!

I'd like to get at least one toon to max level sooner rather than later, so I'm focusing more on my Trooper these days, rather than co-leveling with my Imperial Agent.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tatooine adventures

I've managed to make it to Tatooine on both my Imperial Agent and my Republic Trooper at this point. Both have hit 25 and have purchased their first speeders. To me, it seems incredibly unfair that my Trooper is hitting Tatooine with four companions in tow, while my Imperial Agent only has two.

Of course, the downside is, now I can't decide which companion to use for leveling with the Trooper, and I have no such decision to make on the agent. After submitting several tickets, I never did get an answer from Bioware / EA customer service about not being able to see Tatooine on my galaxy map on my laptop. I was able to log on from the desktop at home once I got home from traveling, and it showed up just fine on the desktop. I must say, I'm very disappointed in the customer service from Bioware / EA. I was expecting better. All the tickets are just sitting there listed as "Open" with no response at all.

I'm continuing to enjoy both characters a great deal. At this point, the class questline for the Trooper seems a bit better, but they've both been a lot of fun. I'm also debating between companions on the Trooper at this point. I've picked up the tanking robot, but strangely enough, he seems to take a lot more damage than good old dependable Aric. Aric doesn't hold aggro as well, but you're not holding aggro at all if you're dead. So I might give the healer a try for a bit to see how that is, and then stick with Aric.

At some point, I need to just focus on one of these and drive them to completion, but so far, it's working OK switching back and forth between the two.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On From Nar Shaddaa

I finished the class and main story lines of Nar Shaddaa yesterday on my Imperial Agent. My Republic Trooper is almost done with Taris and will be heading there next. I'm only a few bars away from getting my speeder on the Imperial Agent so that's pretty exciting.

Leveling the Imperial Agent continues to be pretty straightforward. Kaliyo continues to improve as a tank as I continue to get better gear for her. I'm not a huge fan of Kaliyo as a companion however, so I'm hoping I'll get someone that I can replace her with later on.

I've picked up my second companion already on the my trooper (which seems incredibly unfair, but I guess compensates a little for the first companion coming so very late). I'm leaning toward focusing on one of these two characters for a bit to just try to drive one toward the level cap a little faster. I'm really interested in seeing what the legacy system does, so really want to get far enough to start messing with that. These two existing toons are different factions and on different servers, so I'm guessing they won't both benefit.

In any case, Larisa, my Imperial Agent, is now sitting at level 24, almost to 25, and is heading for Tatooine. Karman, my Republic Trooper is level 22 and finishing up Taris. Interestingly enough, it seems like he's going to outlevel Nar Shaddaa by the time he gets there, but it's possible the Republic questline there is shorter. We'll have to see.