Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Legendary Homestretch

I've started Chapter 3 on my 8th class.  My Powertech Bounty Hunter is working his way through Belsavis.  I've enjoyed this class story line so far maybe a little bit more than the Jedi Consular story line, but I still wouldn't put it in my top 3.  But I'm enjoying the class so far. 

I've heard some folks complain about the fire discipline of powertech, but I've had no issues with it at all.  I did a decent chunk of heroics with a friend about mid-way through leveling, so I've outleveled most of the zones and have pretty good gear as a result, so that may be a big part of why it's working well for me.

After that, I'm mostly just grinding conquest each week on both my Jedi Guardian and my Smuggler.  I may start working on getting all of my Crew Skills maxed after I'm done with the whole leveling thing as well.

I discovered that leveling crafting Crew Skills is actually pretty easy because you can get there purely by crafting the components.  It takes some time, but as long as you have all the materials, it tends to go pretty quickly.  It's a decent chunk of gold to purchase each of the Onslaught level crew skills, but I'm thinking it's probably pretty quickly worth it in terms of GTN sales.

Hoping to finish the Legendary achievement by the end of this week though, so watch this space!