Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another SWTOR Legacy Complete

So I finished Chapter One on my Imperial Agent earlier this week which resulted in achieving my second SWTOR legacy.  My Imperial Agent continues to be a lot of fun to level as a Sniper, focused mostly on the Engineering tree.  I'm still primarily using Kaliyo as my questing companion.  She makes a decent tank and is able to soak up the damage long enough for me to get most of the bosses down.  I still don't have her as geared as I should, as I still need to grab an ear piece and implants for her.  I wish there were more of those types of things available on the GTN.

I'm also spending a little bit of time on each of my 6 other characters that I'm leveling, attempting to maximize the time spent leveling with rested xp.  So far that seems to be working fine.  Since I've found the end game content to be less than inspiring, I'm not necessarily in any big rush to get any of these last 7 toons to max level.  Right now, a lot of the interest for me in SWTOR is in the leveling process itself.

I've also done a little bit of PvP on my level 50 Trooper, which has been fun.  It seems like SWTOR is either going to need to do some server consolidation, or is going to have to get cross server warzones introduced sooner rather than later.  Nothing kills interest in end game like 30-60 minute queues for the same four warzones.

So right now, on my Imperial Agent, I'm working my way through the bonus series on Nar Shadaa - somethingg I skipped completely on my Republic Trooper - before beginning Chapter Two.  The Nar Shadaa bonus quests have been really good so far, including a couple of decent Heroic quests as well.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blending Advanced Class Representation

So having gotten my first SWTOR character to max level, I've now focused on leveling many of my other SWTOR alts.  I've also decided to re-roll two of my classes to make sure that I get the chance to level one of each advanced class as well.

As a result, my Jedi Sentinel and my Smuggler Gunslinger will both be getting rerolled as a Jedi Guardian and Smuggler Scoundrel.  After checking, I've got about 5 hours of played time in both characters, and it's definitely easier to reroll now, than to finish the next 140 hours on both characters and then realize that I want to go back and  level two more of each class.

See, on the Empire side, my Imperial Agent (the Empire counterpart of the Smuggler) is leveling as a Sniper (which is the counterpart to Gunslinger).  The Imperial Agent is currently level 31, so would obviously be abandoning a much larger investment of time.  My Sith Marauder is level 14, so it's not incrementally a ton more time, but I'd still rather restart a level 10 rather than a level 14.

It also gives me the chance to get all of my Republic toons on the same server.  Right now my Smuggler Gunslinger is on a different server, so I can reroll on my main Republic server and be able to fully take advantage of all the legacy features.

Once that is done, it will just leave me with one server transfer to do once that ability goes live - moving my Imperial Agent to be with my other 3 Empire characters.  Although I may debate moving them all to the same server to be able to fully take advantage of legacy abilities.  We'll see how that goes.

I may also try leveling a couple of toons purely through PvP just to see how that compares from a leveling time standpoint.  Right now I don't have enough data points to do a very strong comparison, but hopefully that will change within the next few weeks.