Friday, May 15, 2020

Returning to SWTOR

Yet again, a content drought in World of Warcraft has driven me back to playing SWTOR.  As an additional draw this time, both of my younger children have also started playing SWTOR now (they've been binge watching Clone Wars and Rebels during the current lock-down).

Before I had left off the last time, I'd gotten two characters completely through their storylines - my Jedi Guardian and a Trooper Commando, and had also gotten the Guardian to the max level at the time and relatively current on the content.

Coming back now, I managed to pretty quickly finish the story line on my Imperial Agent, who was already at the beginning of Chapter 3, and I've now also started on my Sith Inquisitor, who looks like an evil gray tennis ball in his new helmet.

So the current plan is to finish the story line for all eight classes and then bring my Jedi Guardian current on content.  I have currently finished the story line for 3 of 8 classes, so almost halfway there.

Here is where we currently stand:


Fiordin - level 65 Jedi Guardian
Karman - level 51 Trooper Commando
Tavlok - level 14 Jedi Consular
Ganntt - level 10 Smuggler Scoundrel


Laerissa - level 51 Imperial Agent Sniper
Joarek - level 35 Sith Inquisitor
Talaq - level 18 Sith Marauder
Ravlok - level 12 Bountry Hunter

The class story lines are going really fast with the current double xp bonus and are essentially all you have to do in order to advance and be comfortably past level 50 by the time you finish the third chapter.

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