Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sith Inquisitor Story Line Finished

I finished up the story line for the Sith Inquisitor.  Chapter 3 seemed to grind on for a while, but the finish was very satisfying.  Definitely one of my favorites so far.  For my next characters, I'm going to work on a Smuggler Scoundrel.  I'm trying to alternate between Republic and Empire, but the next Republic Character was my Jedi Sage, which seems awfully close to the Sith that I just finished, so Smuggler will be up next.

I'm also going to work on getting my "main" current on the various chapters and xpacs.  He's currently working his way through Chapter 12 of KOTFE, so we'll see how that all goes.  At least at the moment, if I run an Empire side character through the various xpacs as well, it will likely be the Sith Inquisitor who I enjoyed quite a bit more than the Imperial Agent.  We'll see though.

For the various characters, here is where we currently stand:


Fiordin - level 65 Jedi Guardian
Karman - level 51 Trooper Commando
Tavlok - level 14 Jedi Consular
Ganntt - level 15 Smuggler Scoundrel


Laerissa - level 51 Imperial Agent Sniper
Joarek - level 57 Sith Inquisitor
Talaq - level 18 Sith Marauder
Ravlok - level 12 Bounty Hunter



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